Main Board Test Tool KRISHNA MT-180


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Non-professionals, please carefully consider the order, we do not provide technical support

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Narayani Industries

Product Description

Model No : MT180

Main Board Test Tool KRISHNA MT-180
Descriptions : LCD LED TV Main Board Test Tool | Mother Board Tester Maintenance Tool

KRISHNA MT-180 Tool Can Test 95% of LCD LED TV main Boards Which are running in the market

I. Characteristics of this conversion board
1. Furnished with 4.3″ display screen, it is able to display LVDS image directly from the
main board, supporting external VGA.

2. It supports LVDS signal with various resolution ratios (60Hz, 120Hz and 240Hz) of single or
dual shielded wire.

3. It outputs uniform VGA signal (1280*720/60HZ) which is able to be connected to various
display, supporting CRT, liquid crystal and TV display (favorable compatibility).

4. The input interface features anti-static design with better anti-static capacity.

5. Convenient conversion among various LVDS formats.

6. Wide power input design, with 5V-12V adapter.

II. Packing list and standard accessories
Note  standard accessories include five shielded wire conversion boards, one
for two-interface with high definition and other for four-interface with standard definition. These two conversion boards are compatible with most shielded wires on the market.

These five conversion boards are compatible with interface of 32’’and 58” display screen.

*Three Months Warranty on Manufacturing Defect Only